Lookbooks have had an overhaul too! I was going to resurrect the title Anatomy of an Outfit for this, but that would completely fluff up my tags so take Styled instead.

It’s funny, when I started here on Tumblr, there were very few Stardoll tumblogs who were active. Now, going through the tags I see outfit of the day posts everywhere. It’s great to see the blogging community starting to grow back again, but I’ve always wanted to approach my lookbook posts a little more comprehensively. 

Although these take about ten times longer than my old posts did, I’m really into the aesthetic I’ve got going here. 

Also, thank you all so much for all your lovely comments so far and all your well wishes. I can’t even say how much I appreciate them!

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Well Disqus was quicker to sort than I thought. 

You can now leave comments on my posts and I would absolutely love to hear your feedback.

Every time someone leaves a review, a fashion blogger somewhere gets their Louboutins….

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When life gives you lemons, change the layout of your posts. 

As I said in my last little post, I’ve not been doing too well recently. I miss blogging a lot, and I’m always on Stardoll, so I want to jump back in before too much passes by for me to catch up with. The best way to start something again is to go back to the drawing board, so I’ve decided to streamline things and class them up a bit. I’d love to hear what you think so, as always, feel free to drop your comments into my ask. I’m looking into using Disqus for comments on posts in the future, but I need a bit of time to set that up. 

In the meantime, please find my haul for this season’s collection of Limited Edition under the cut…

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A wild post appears… 

Hey guys, I’m really not very well at the moment - I got diagnosed with a chronic illness about 3 weeks ago hence my severe lack of activity. I’m not abandoning this blog I swear, I’m just trying to find a way to do things that fits around my life. 

However, now we have the new LE collection we can sell last season. 

I’m selling most of what I bought for the original price (that’s incl stardoll tax) at my bazaar here so if you’ve any stardollars left, come take a gander…

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I know it’s been a while since my last post… 

…sorry. I’ll post again soon. Things aren’t in a good place atm, but they will be soon I hope. I still check into Stardoll and Tumblr pretty much daily so you can catch me there, I just haven’t got the energy to put posts together. 

I really liked the Dior tribute so I’ll try and get some posts out before it disappears from the plaza :)

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This Fendi tribute. Seriously?

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I must clean my wardrobe out every week… 

I’m selling some limited edition and other bibs and bobs. I’ll replenish stocks when things are sold.

I have a few wigs and I might put up some interior too. 

Clicketty clicketty clicketty

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Why did you initially join Stardoll? Why do you stay on Stardoll today?

I’ve been around for donkey’s years, so I sort of joined stardoll accidentally.

I used to play on paperdollheaven after I discovered a dress up doll of Emma Watson hosted on one of her fan pages. It was a small website at the time, but my mum didn’t mind me playing because it was good, clean fun. 

At some point, a log in and a medoll became involved - I can’t remember if this was before or after the change to stardoll. 

I accepted the changes I guess, but I spent large amounts of time away - I missed the first Limited Edition and DKNY collections despite being a member.

And I suppose that’s why - I never really consciously joined - it just sort of happened.

As for sticking around, I’ve invested time and money in it. I completely love fashion but its not something I can easily pursue in my everyday life. I get to be a different version of myself online, with my dream wardrobe. What’s not to like.

I’m also a chronic procrastinator, so heck, I’ll waste my time doing something that at least has a little creativity in it….

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Hi what was the last film you watched in the cinema? :)

It was Captain America 2 :) I tend not to go to the cinema too much because there isn’t one in my town and I have to catch two buses to get there. But for Cap, you make the effort. 

The last film I saw while it was playing in theatres, but I watched from the comfort of my own bed was the Amazing Spiderman 2. Nerd. 

Tangent: When I went to see Cap: The First Avenger, my friend and I waited for ages to get a chance to go. We went to an arthouse cinema because it was the only place still playing it. I bought the tickets in a rush and we got there super early. So we got trashed in the bar (this is like….2pm in the afternoon) on cranberry and Cinzano, then rolled up to the show only to find it was in 3D. 

Chris Evans’ manboobs in alcoholic 3D were a treat. 


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what's your favourite band, tv show, movie and book?

Favourite band is a tough one - I tend to like single songs and I’m a bit flaky. When I was 14/15 I was obsessed with Muse, but I really detest their recent stuff. The bands I always return to are Coldplay, Radiohead, and Zero 7 (even though they’re not really a band…)

TV show - I’ve really enjoyed Game of Thrones and Fargo recently. When Broadchurch was on that was literally the only thing I could talk about for weeks - I think I’d go as far as to say it was the best thing I ever watched. I’ve seen all of Teen Wolf, but I don’t know why because I really can’t stand it. I just can’t. look. away. (Seriously, that is not how you werewolf). When I want to waste time I watch old episodes of America’s Next Top Model. 

Movie - argh I don’t have a favourite! I love all the films! But I have too very separate types of favourite films - I go through this on my personal tumblr a bit. I have fandom films (in which case you’re never going to top Cap1 and 2, sorry not sorry that I am a shameless Cap fan), but then I have my artsy film favourites, which if I’m going to narrow it down, would be A Single Man, L’Innocence and A Little Princess. My guilty pleasure films are Plunkett and Mcleane and Suckerpunch. 

Book - hands down The Book of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric. Set into 6 different ‘voices’ one of which is the most deliciously nun Sor Loreta. She’s just fanatical and deraganed, and the wonderful thing about it is that the narrative takes a good hard look at why we are so entranced by villains. I’m usually not one for the anti-hero or villain (ahem Loki, Snape etc) but I really couldn’t help but read through the other stories a little faster to get back to her. Definitely give it a shot. I want a film of it so badly - set in 18th century Venice and Peru. Mmmmf. 

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