With all the new releases we’ve had this past week, you’d think I’d cover those. But no! I am a lazy sod and this was already in my drafts!

In all seriousness, I have been meaning to cover Fever since the minute it came out, but I am completely inept when it comes to being prompt. 

It was just such….a pleasant surprise! So before Summer ends completely, have a Fever haul.

I was pretty scathing about the first instance of the store a while ago. I thought everything was poorly made on top of being….weird designs. 

There was still a fair amount of tat this time round, but there were some pieces that were way to good to miss. 

For in depth match analysis, click below.

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This lookbook was a bit of an adventure. I didn’t gravitate towards the pieces that I thought I would.

Do these 4 outfits go perfectly together? Nope. But I really like them all individually so… with it?

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I’ve been away for a bit, but I had to put together something for the new release of Callie’s picks, simply because I couldn’t pass up on mentioning that this feels a lot like the grunge we were meant to get. 

You can see what I’ve got here and read what I think about it all under the cut

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Literally every time I log in at the moment 

I get irrationally angry that I don’t own those overcoats from Strike a Pose. I’m not even interested in being able to pose….I just need those coats.

I seem to be coping by going on a strange bazaar/stalking/obsessive face changing rampage.

Times were simpler when I was unemployed. Poor in cash, rich in time. Sigh. 

Callie’s Picks was a nice surprise though, so maybe I’ll actually make a proper post (shock horror) to fill the empty space where my soul should be. 

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I missed Strike a Pose again. 

This time I’m genuinely disappointed. 

Those overcoats were gorgeous. I guess I’ll just have to watch the bazaar like a hawk come the next release.


edit: Can you even sell Strike a Pose in the bazaar? I haven’t seen any, and I find that surprising…

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There won’t be a Young Hollywood haul or lookbook 

as I only managed to scoop one of the things that I liked.

I will maybe do something though.

Maybe I’ll resurrect Anatomy of an Outfit…

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It takes me a million years to make anything la la la la la la la. 

The Subcouture lookbook for the subcouture haul, which you may read here.

All the colours made me cry. 

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I rage-quit this lookbook so many times, which is why it’s taken me so long to publish it. I found so many ways to style everything, but did any of go together? nope. 

To see the corresponding haul, click here

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This weekend, Subcouture popped out of the Stardoll machine. I forgot that this was even a thing, but I guess that sums up how I’ve felt about previous releases. 

I warmed to quite a few of things in this collection, so if you want the 411 on what I bought, then you pretty much know what to do by now.

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